1 2 Cloud Payroll Package Features

• RTI Compliant: The package is RTI ready today. You just need to Sign up for an account over the Internet and get your Internet Payroll up and running in minutes.

• Inbuilt AE Solution: 1 2 Cloud Payroll payroll is a one stop solution to complete both your payroll and Workplace pension auto enrolment at the same time, comprehensively, without needing additional costly and time consuming pension middleware. The software automatically performs quick assessments of employee’s eligibility. Communication letters and contribution data are automatically consolidated when you commit the pay run process. The package also incorporates Workplace pension features such as employee opt in, opt out, AE postponements, etc.

• Batch processing for Pay Bureaus: The payroll package supports batch RTI e-filing and auto DPS report downloads in batch. You can also print/e-mail Comms letters in batch. These unique features are designed specifically for big corporates and pay bureaus.

• Secure Payroll via Internet: You can sign up with the software and use the system securely. The system creates a secured tunnel with 128 bit SSL technology, between any users terminal and this web based payroll system to encrypt and protect your data.

• Rollback Facilities: If you make a mistake when entering the pay data you can use the rollback facility to reverse/delete the erroneous pay data and then re-process the pay correctly.

• Auto P11 Reports, Pay Summaries and other Reports: The P11 reports and pay summaries are automatically generated as soon as you process the pay for a particular pay frequency. The system also provides comprehensive reports for all the statutory requirements and additional costing reports.

Note: We are able to automate the above mentioned reports because we are using a powerful relational database management system normally only used in mainframe computer systems. You are paying just a fraction of the actual cost for a powerful system.

Other Product Features Include:-

Product Features

Fast and Easy and Accurate
* all calculations are fully compliant with the HMRC's latest Quality Standard
* all latest tax and NI legislation will be reflected through our central update system
* there is no CD to install and no more worries about your version being correct
* a user friendly intuitive driven menu is provided throughout for ease of use
* presets provided for commonly used Chart of Setup functions
* allows concurrent batch time sheets to be entered and processed

Internet and Intranet Features
* all payroll processes done through the Internet or Intranet
* no software installation or set up required, completely browser based
* sign up to it like an e-mail account and just as simple to use
* supports an unlimited number of employees over the Internet/Intranet
* previous date and time sign-in/sign-out log book available for up to 3 years

RTI, EOY E-filing
* FPS - Full Payment Submission
* EPS - Employer Payment Summary
* NVR - NINO Verification Request
* EYU - Earlier Year Update
* provides past year pay data e-filing

Auto Global and Routine Tax Code Updates
* auto annual global tax code updates with one click (P6B)
* supports HMRC Data Provisioning Services (DPS) for auto tax code updates
* auto routine tax code updates through DPS (P6)
* auto annual global tax code updates for batch employees (P9)
* RTI NOT (NINO Update Notice)
* SL1, SL2 etc.

Auto SSP, SMP, SAP and SPP Calculations
* auto calculates SSP
* auto calculates SMP
* auto calculates SAP
* auto calculates SPP
* all the above are calculated to the HMRC's Standard

Leaver / Joiner Process
* provides complete processing for leavers
* provides leavers final payslips and statements
* provides joiner at any time calculations

Rollback, Delist and Restore employee
* roll back the pay from the current period to any previous period
* duplicated/mistaken employees can be delisted
* ex-employee personal data can be easily restored

Employee Self Administrated Payroll via Internet
* employees can view/print their current payslips and P60s
* employees can view/print their previous period payslips and P60s, for up to 3 years
* employees can self update their address and phone number, if permitted
* employees can self admin their time sheet, if permitted
* former employees access rights, if permitted

Workplace Pension and Other Schemes
* Conducts regular automatic assessments for Workplace pension auto enrolment.
* Produces Comms letters and pension contribution files
* Direct e-filing of contribution data to the pension providers
* Supports Relief at Source or Net Pay Arrangements
* Supports COMP, COSR, AVC and Stakeholder Pensions
* All HMRC required pension schemes supported

Complete Range of Pay Frequencies and Director's Pay
* supports weekly, monthly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly pay frequencies
* supports Pay at Anytime, One Off, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annual Payroll
* supports Director's Pay at Anytime calculations
* supports unpaid leave/skipped period calculations
* supports Timed Basic and Full Basic approaches

• Auto-Tax Code and other Notice Updates: P6 and P9 tax code and other notices, such as SL1 and NINO, will be automatically updated by the software. You can also make global tax code updates at the beginning of the tax year.

• Data Exports for Back-Up and Reports: The System has a very efficient database management system holding all the pay data for up to 3 years, however, you can export key data in CSV files. The exported data can be viewed in an Excel file as a Report and saved for backup purposes.

• Rich Dashboard Experience: The package has a rich dashboard interface encapsulated with commonly used functionality helping you to manage your tasks effectively. The dashboard indicates if the job is complete or incomplete.

• Employee Payroll Accounts: You can grant your employees access to their own individual Internet accounts where they can view / print their own current and past payslips (up to 3 years), and P11Ds at any time, and update their own personal details.

• RTI E-Returns: The RTI e-returns such as FPS, EPS, NVR and EYU are processed with in few clicks in seconds. The relevant RTI forms to be e-filed will be automatically compiled ready for you to view, approve and e-file to HMRC.

• Compatible with Accounting Packages:The Nominal Accounting Data export can be exported to Sage by default. However, the export setting can be changed to suit any other Accounting package you use.

12 Cloud Payroll

BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services)
* multiple Bank Accounts for employees allowed
* supports BACS Standard 18 format
* supports major BACS providers as standard

Technology and Compatibility
* fully compliant with Open Standard for maximum compatibility and platform independence
* compatible with your current system as well as your future updates
* programming: written in Java Language for maximum compatibility
* platforms supported: Linux, Windows and Sun Solaris.
* databases supported: Oracle, IBM DB2, Postgres, Sybase and others
* application servers supported: WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss and others
* browsers supported: FireFox 1.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+ and other leading browsers
* security: adopted leading 128 bit SSL Certificate Technology and other security systems
* all HMRC Schema are validated by latest Open Standard Apache technology
* all XML fully in compliance with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Open Standard
* works with HR XML, Timecard Open Standard

Holiday/Absence Administration
* supports advanced holiday calculations
* supports normal holiday calculations
* auto accumulated holiday entitlements
* provides other absence admin and payments

* auto deduction and admin of Student Loans
* various AEO deductions, including CSA, etc
* provides for Payroll Giving deductions and admin

* View/Print current payslips or previous payslips from anywhere over the Internet using a secure SSL Tunnel, for up to 3 years
* SMS payslips available
* fax payslips available

Data Checks
* inbuilt with HMRC data compliance checks
* data checks fully comply with the HMRC's Quality Standard

Green and Environmentally Friendly
* cuts down on printing of payslips and others
* Administrator and others can view various reports online, saving duplicated printing.
* saves on postage and envelopes

Free Online Help and Support
* free online Flash Training and Template training provided
* FAQs provided for all processes
* pop up help buttons provided throughout.

Instant Updates
* tax regime changes instantly updated on our software
* links to respective HMRC tax sections for info on the latest HMRC tax and regulatory updates

* fully HMRC compliant payroll audit reports provided
* cost to employer reports: various costing reports provided
* data entry reports: branch office data entry status reports provided
* end of year reports: you may view and print any end of year data and P60 instantly over the net for the past 3 years.
* other reports: payment status, absentee reports, etc, provided
* additional user support: set your auditor as an additional user to view and audit the payroll
* pay data checking: allows you to set limits on allowed variations in payments
* P11D software: bonus, expense and benefit package included
* CIS software included
* Net to Gross payment option available


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