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12 Cloud Payroll provides an easy to learn and simple to use payroll system with built in Workplace pension functions. You can complete your payroll and Workplace pension in one single process over the cloud 24 x 7 from any Internet point. Your employees can access their payslips from mobile devices. The package is the most cost effective in town. Being HMRC recognised means all the calculations for payroll and pensions are fully comply with HMRC's statutory standards.

E-filing your payroll RTI data is just a matter of clicking on the right button. The package also allows you to e-file your pension contributions directly to NEST, Supertrust and Smart Pension. There are a total of 20 pension providers outputs available in the system. We treat your data security and privacy with utmost care.

Why opt for 1 2 Cloud payroll?

Comprehensive But Simple and Easy

1 2 Cloud Payroll is HMRC recognised providing the comprehensive payroll functions that you need for your payroll and workplace pensions. Car and medical benefits in kind functions are also provided. E-filing of RTI returns including FPS, EPS, NVR and EYU are all auto compiled ready for you to click to send.

The package is intuitive to use and cloud based. Payroll novices or payroll professionals can quickly master the package to complete their tasks at work or in the comfort of their own homes. No time consuming software installations and updates are required. The cloud system is professionally updated for you whenever there is a legislative change.

Workplace Pension Compliant.

With 1 2 Cloud Payroll you have no longer need to worry about your Workplace pension calculations and comm letters as this is built within the payroll process thus avoiding the need for costly middleware. You will also save time and effort because with 1 2 Cloud Payroll the Workplace pension function is automatically completed within the single payroll process meaning you will never miss a workplace pension assessment and/or comms letter again.

All the major workplace pension providers outputs are supported. You can even e-file your data directly from 1 2 Could Payroll to some pension providers such as Nest, Smart and supertrust, in the same way as you e-file your RTI returns to HMRC.

Works on any Platform and Excellent Quality:

1 2 Cloud Payroll's dedicated developer team takes pride in quality and accuracy. We impose strict quality controls and are always among the first to test against all of HMRC's test data for new tax year changes.

This cloud solution is highly flexible and scaleable and will work with any system running on Windows, Apple Mac and Linux, with all known browsers.

We take data security seriously with no compromise in upholding users privacy at all times.

Very Effective RTI Payroll:

1 2 Cloud Payroll enables you to run the Internet payroll for up to 5,000 employees conveniently from any Internet point. The application is very user-friendly and can be learnt in no time by both novices and payroll professionals.

The application has been developed based on the HMRC's RTI Payroll and Workplace Pension Auto Enrolment requirements. The system is very secure as it creates a secured tunnel with 128 bit SSL technology between any user's terminal and this web based payroll server to encrypt and protect your data.

Excellent Help and Support:

Whenever you need help with your payroll and Workplace pension you can contact us over the phone or by email. You can also make good use of our Free training video and FAQs to resolve any questions you may have.

Test use of our package is fully comprehensive and it is no different from the live one. You can switch the test use to live use at anytime.

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